Livestock Analytics – Make better decisions by acquiring and analyzing individual data from your cattle.

Livestock Analytics

is a system that helps you make better decisions by acquiring and analyzing individual data from your cattle.

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The cattle intensive feeding business is hard as many factors determine the success of a feedlot operation. Livestock Analytics provides a turnkey solution so knowledge can be translated to making better decisions.

Multiply Your Profit

Make up to 15% more with the same resources. Using Artificial Intelligence, know in advance how much each cattle will grow. Make batches that will remain homogeneous; and know when to slaughter your cattle to maximize profit.

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  • Stream chute work and data acquisition

    Equip your chute workstations up to your needs. Use RFID or barcode readers to quickly identify each animal. Use touchscreen industrial grade computers to interact with operators. Send work orders directly to the chute. Let your operators know everything about the cattle being processed.

  • Achieve and leverage individual traceability

    Collect, manage and use individual data of your cattle. Know everything and anything about each cattle that moves through your process. Maintain record and individual traceability.

  • Understand why and how your feedyard works better

    Using our data mining engine, understand which factors affect more your feedlot performance. Visualize correlations between factors e.g. weather, implants, pens; versus variables e.g. breed, supplier, sex, among others.

  • Implement state-of-the-art data analytics

    Easily and seamlessly implement state-of-the-art analytics to design metrics, visualize data, understand trends, among others. All you need to do is login to your personal account and have all the data you need at your fingertips.

  • Monitor real performance of you cattle suppliers

    Based in our individual traceability data, monitor and follow up cattle suppliers each time you purchase from them. Easily view average daily gain throughout the process and at slaughter understand yield and grading.

Over 40,000 cattle under intensive feeding have been improved and optimized using Livestock Analytics.
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How It Works

Livestock Analytics provides easy-to-use interfaces with two specific objectives: to collect data from your feedlot, and to generate knowledge using our web-based platform.

1. Data Aquisition

Acquire individual data from your cattle using our software and commercial hardware.

2. Data Analysis

Manage your data and apply advanced analytics using our state-of-the-art technology.

3. Dashboards

Provide knowledge to the decision maker easily, available when and how is needed.

4. Reports

Generate reports to better learn and understand what works in your specific feedlot.

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