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Livestock Analytics Starter

Livestock Analytics Starter is a friendly app to manage your feedyard as it provides an easy way to log data in real-time about your feedlot. Scroll down to learn more about its features.

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Chute Feature


Log important individual data every time the cattle is worked at the chute including weight, but also sex, breed, treatments, and temperature, among others.

Feed Delivery

Record and track the daily amount of feed delivered per pen, including relevant data such as date, time, and ration.

Feed Delivery Feature


Log and follow up on health incidents per cattle, including diagnosis, symptoms, and all treatments used in each incident.

Buy Cattle

When you buy cattle, register a purchase by logging the date, supplier, headcount, total amount paid, total weight received, tracking number, and any important notes.

Buy Cattle Feature

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Sell Cattle

Manage cattle sales, logging the date, client, total amount received, and headcount. Then identify which cattle are being sold, individually or by pen.


Access individual cattle information, including its characteristics, purchase and sell information, health incidents, as well as all jobs performed individually for improved performance and decision-making.

Death Feature


Log individual cattle deaths, including the date of the event, the estimated weight of the cattle, and the reason for death.


Monitor cattle inventory, feed delivery performance, health incidents, and deaths; with interactive and user-friendly charts and tables.

Reports Feature